Evan's Town

Observations travelling to Ques Querax
We're not dead.. yet.

Personal reflections on our travels thus far. By Grafton.

This arm hurts. The pain has me sort of working through the motions of travel without attending to them personally. What is going on? How the hell did we work through the elements of that Pyramid ritual to arrive here, below the Earth?

Well, a few things seem sure. We’re still on our mission to stop the Caul, and may eventually reach our next.. ally, through the UnderDark. The denizens here, the wererats, Drow and dark dwarves are evil. But are they truly and completely Chaotic? We’ll find out I guess. Being neutral it strikes me such beings operate first and foremost on their best interests, and these are comprehensible by anyone willing to learn of them. If we can understand their needs, and avoid getting killed in the process, we can leverage them to complete our mission, or at least better navigate the Underdark.

In other words, we can do business Down Here. We must. This is a whole new realm, and we’re freakin’ babes in it!

Another sure bet: Caderack will be killed Down here if he opens his mouth! He’s a great guy, and Orderly to boot. The less he does the better. The more business we do Down Here, the less easy it will be to keep him quiet and behaved.

Beyond these points.. I don’t know. There’s nothing Green or Brown Down Here. So I have no reference points to begin understanding all this cold stone and dark. How does Life live here, without Sun or breeze? My heart quails at this challenge. My arm hurts.

My arm..

To Ques Querax
Following a dark trail

While recovering from the clash with the hounds within the central chamber of Pyramid of Karse, a tense calm transformed into a rush of action as Evufre Waich materialized amongst the party.

We are all going to perish

“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”

There is no doubt, Evan’s Town is going to be the death of each and every character that ventures into this realm. There is no hope.

Baranabix & Grafton's Wooden Arm
Bad rolls.....


After the battle at/in the Pyramid, Caderack and Grafton suddenly awoke from a long slumber in a solid green, old growth forest; the ground is covered in leaves – it is the beginning of autumn. A very peaceful place; animals / natural noise is evident. Caderack and Grafton are standing next to one another – no one else is there. Grafton determines the two of us are in a divine realm.

Caderack begins to pray to his deity – and a beautiful, ephemeral woman appears behind him. She identifies as Tarlana – goddess of war / love and says Caderack has a black spot on his heart. Tarlana states: “What have you done??” Grafton and Caderack plead their case to Tarlana. Tarlana says the mark will be the end of everyone and the world, but there is a chance to redeem the mark – and leaves, saying: “Never make a bargain like that again.”
The forest suddenly turns to late autumn….. Tarlana says to follow a trodden path. Tarlana says: “We will be hesitant to come to your party’s aid again – we are disappointed, but know time is being ripped apart by forces that want to end all things. Trust no one, save your hearts and one another.”

After Tarlana departs, Caderack and Grafton find themselves in a similar, but different forest on a road leading north… they proceed as the road slowly and steadily leads into a ravine.
Caderack and Grafton encounter a creature living in a tree-house demanding 2x gold toll to pass – the creature claims to be imprisoned by a Hag. The creature states the Hag and its Omath are preventing the creature from leaving his den…. The creature turns out to be an aged man with long hair wearing brown robes covered in strange symbols. The creature identifies as Barnabix Huld, aka ‘The Toll Keeper’. Once on the ground, the party departs and shortly after, 4x giant scorpions (The Omath) attack – each are 12’ long.


Caderack and Grafton quickly build a log ring and set it ablaze. Caderack summons his war horse and charges over the fire toward 2x of the giant scorpions – wounding 1x, while is horse takes damage. Grafton does nothing, save have Caderack jump back into the circle – but before an Omath pulls Caderack off his horse. Caderack is caught in a scorpion’s pincers and his War Horse attacks the Omath. Eventually, the party kills one of the Omath and the remaining 3x flee.

Caderack, Grafon, Barnabix then head toward the town of Falar. Food is shared and Barnabix has no relocation of time and his imprisonment by the Hag – but he pledges his allegiance to the party. Barnabix claims to have heard strange tails of the town of Falar, but has little recollection.

Barbabix says he needs to raise some 2,869 gold for the Hag, but he’s only raised half of it. The party rides into Falar, a small hamlet, surrounded by a small wooden fence and gate. The watch demands Caderack and Grafon to hand over Barnabix – which they do, but with the good of word of the watch to keep Barnabix safe until the morning, when all can meet with the constable to discuss.
Caderack and Grafton relax in the inn, enjoying a fine meal, are approached by a farmer. He asks Grafton to tell the tail of our heroic journey and exploits. Grafton then tells the tale of the party’s adventure in the Bay of Torpid Souls, but makes the last half up! (He leaves out the part of part about Caderack volunteering his soul a few weeks back to the demon Lan’cum :).

Then, the town fire bell starts to ring and Caderack and Grafton race outside to help. The building (Constabulary) where Barnabix is being held is on fire. Grafton sees an old crone dragging a body away from the Constabulary away from the burning building. The Inn Keeper throws his arms up and begins to chant, which seems to help thwart the fire. The crone is moving toward the wall, dragging an unconscious Barnabix. Grafton throws his axe, but horribly misses and hits Barnabix!

The crone attacks Grafton with burning webs! Grafton wounded, retrieves his axe and attacks again. Caderack hears the screaming of Grafton and charges toward the encounter. The crone is slowly pulling Grafton toward her. Barnabix looks dead, or dying. Caderack leaps into the fray and horribly misses and cleaves Grafton’s left arm off by mistake! (Oops… my bad.)

The town’s folk join the battle and the hag is defeated, burned and later, buried. Barnabix is still being held captive by the town. Grafton has been unconscious for 2x days. When he wakes, his bad arm is healing and it now looks like the wood of a tree.

The town then holds a trial of Barnabix and the events that recently transpired. Caderack volunteers to defend Barnabix in single combat and is victorious! Barnabix is free! Grafton learns his new arm is forged from Yew wood from The Tree of Time. The wood will never burn and in time, told it will be apart of him, but that he will have an affinity for other woods. Grafton pledged to pay homage to the wood and was told by the healer that as the years past, he may have to spend more and more time with the trees and the wood.

Caderack, Grafton and Barnabix depart Falar… leaving the area, the land is covered in snow…. Baranabix reflects on seeing a pyramid! Suddenly, Caderack and Grafton wake up in the pyramid’s anti-chamber and there is no Branabix – but Grafton still has a wood arm!


(BTW – any spelling, omissions, or misstatements are mine, alone…)

The Sands of Karse
Into the Pyramid

The Captain gave us a few options for travel: the White Fjords, ruled by Tarlanna, Goddess of Law and War; the Sands of Karse, ruled by Shard god of thieves, the Dark Continent, Burnt Lands or the Veil of Tears. We chose to visit the Sands of Karse.

Several days sail across strange tides found us at the scorched port of Karse. The Captain has us don garb to travel unobserved through the bazaar. Baralazad meets us in his tent to offer assistance. The Pyramid of Karse is our destination; but at what price. We parley, but Delkan has been robbed of his +1 ring of protection. Place of Sha’aoud is the Pyramid; a possible ally; or an avatar of Shard.

Graffton transforms into a falcon for the trip, taking an aerial survey of the tent city and port to note their starting place. Flying ahead he saw five black shadow riders riding hard from the south to protect the place from our arrival. Delkas and Caterack rode ahead to meet them, reaching the Pyramid first.

Protecting the ramp, Caterack and Flyt watched as Delkas, Nyssa and Graffton attacked. The Caravan Guard went down immediately. Flyt cast a fireball, and after Nyssa went ethereal he threw it with great effect. Wounded we were victorious.

We penetrated the Pyramid the next day. But didn’t get far until Nyssa sprung a blade trap. Recovered she nonetheless compromised our position. Having Adjusted her Cells for healing the ethereal action alerted several Astral Hounds on her trail. They attacked. But they hadn’t the surprise to take this veteran crew. Caterack held true against their advance, while Nyssa’s Intellect Fortress checked the beasts’ Psychic Crush. To conclude, the beasts fled.

Those riders were like.. Bouush.

Black Promise

After apparently vanquishing Deep Black, The Torturer, they emerged from The Underdark only to find Evan’s Town wasted and a great storm approaching. A ghostly ship lay at anchor in what remained of the docks of Evan’s Town.

As the storm broke, they had no choice but to risk boarding the ghastly apparition and meeting an apparently benevolent Captain Bilzbane and his horrific skeleton crew.

An unnerving calm enshrouded the The Black Charlotte as the storm appeared to pound an unseen barrier around her. In time, she weighed anchor an set out to sea.

Aboard The Back Charlotte, The Capt’n told more about the the Grumson Caul and the Imillsen. At last, Bilzbane suggested an unthinkable gambit. In some waters he was known as a kind of merchant between powers far from The Inner Sea which might have an interest in retarding, stopping, or even reversing The Grumson Caul.

At the party’s behest, he would sail for The Sea of Fate.

Arriving in the The Bay of Torpid Souls… Ahh shit. Grafton here. Remind me to stay away from that tincture of lemon balm – I must’ve hit the ole’ bottle in m’pushcart last night, perhaps to rid me of some memories.. There were demons in that bay. A castle of ice! Or obsidian! Which was it.. darnit. Umm well it was a big castle, n’ those bastards were blacker than black, and dammit if Caderack hadn’t traded his own SOUL to the DEVIL to earn allies in the fight against the rift. The tear. The.. what was that shit called again? Someone wanna step in here I gotta go pee.

Okay so now I remember that Demon’s name. The obsidian fortress, yeah it was owned by Lancoon. That’s the guy Caderack pledged too – dumbass.

A Forest Under Dark

Following a hole blasted in the cellar through which the Aldercain fled, a tunnel open into a cave looking down on a massive subterranean forest.

A malevolent place of wicked flying creatures and bloody apparitions hanging in the trees, the party made it to a raised cliff and finally faced Flit’s maligned captor, Deep Black, for the second time.

Calling his angelic war horse, Caderack to lead the charge and Deep Black was vanquished.

The Aldercain

The Aldercain revealed themselves.

Meeting Nyssa, Hospitaller Immaculate of the Left Hand Path, the characters learned about the true nature of the The Aldercain:

A Time Blight has fallen across the Inner Sea and, as always, proceeded by Ivilsenovust, The Vanguard of Imillsen, also called The Aldercain in the human tongue. They are sea folk who settle in lands to prepare for Grumson Caul, the renting of The Fabric so that Chaos may seep, creep, and crawl into the spaces of Order and Law and bring rot and ruin.

The Ruins of Evan's Town

Exploring the ruins of Evan’s Town. Flit was nursed by the Aldercain’s healer. The town looked as it had been burned decades earlier. Taking flight as a bird, Grafton spied that a blight seemed stretch as far as the northern border of The Wicker City and an orc sentry appeared to be stationed on its edge.

A young girl was found in the ruins telling that The Aldercain were not all that they seemed and leading Grafton to an old cellar under the Aldercain’s camp were a few Evan’s Town survivors known by The Clique appeared to be imprisoned.

Evan's Town and The Known Lands
The story so far...

Gathering at The Trading Post Inn on The Ridge Road, three members of the Evan’s Town Clique sought the fourth: Flit. The town is their childhood home; nestled against the shores of The Inland Sea.

Meeting for the first time in years, they discovered that The Trading Post Inn was inhabited by a witch spider and even the soil surrounding the inn appeared to be cursed.

To their surprise Evan’s Town was almost unrecognizable as if the winds of time had swept a century of life out of it in only the last few years. Venturing toward the coast of they encounted the fishing camp of the Aldercain.

Attacked by giant crabs at the ruins of the Manor House of The Clan Drennoon which was buried in sand.

Climbing The Lighthouse they were attacked by a Kraken and fled down its shaft.

They found Flit in the hands of the foul torturer and where able to rescue him, though The Torturer fled.


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