Evan's Town

Black Promise

After apparently vanquishing Deep Black, The Torturer, they emerged from The Underdark only to find Evan’s Town wasted and a great storm approaching. A ghostly ship lay at anchor in what remained of the docks of Evan’s Town.

As the storm broke, they had no choice but to risk boarding the ghastly apparition and meeting an apparently benevolent Captain Bilzbane and his horrific skeleton crew.

An unnerving calm enshrouded the The Black Charlotte as the storm appeared to pound an unseen barrier around her. In time, she weighed anchor an set out to sea.

Aboard The Back Charlotte, The Capt’n told more about the the Grumson Caul and the Imillsen. At last, Bilzbane suggested an unthinkable gambit. In some waters he was known as a kind of merchant between powers far from The Inner Sea which might have an interest in retarding, stopping, or even reversing The Grumson Caul.

At the party’s behest, he would sail for The Sea of Fate.

Arriving in the The Bay of Torpid Souls… Ahh shit. Grafton here. Remind me to stay away from that tincture of lemon balm – I must’ve hit the ole’ bottle in m’pushcart last night, perhaps to rid me of some memories.. There were demons in that bay. A castle of ice! Or obsidian! Which was it.. darnit. Umm well it was a big castle, n’ those bastards were blacker than black, and dammit if Caderack hadn’t traded his own SOUL to the DEVIL to earn allies in the fight against the rift. The tear. The.. what was that shit called again? Someone wanna step in here I gotta go pee.

Okay so now I remember that Demon’s name. The obsidian fortress, yeah it was owned by Lancoon. That’s the guy Caderack pledged too – dumbass.


mithriltol drennan_mike

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