Evan's Town

Evan's Town and The Known Lands

The story so far...

Gathering at The Trading Post Inn on The Ridge Road, three members of the Evan’s Town Clique sought the fourth: Flit. The town is their childhood home; nestled against the shores of The Inland Sea.

Meeting for the first time in years, they discovered that The Trading Post Inn was inhabited by a witch spider and even the soil surrounding the inn appeared to be cursed.

To their surprise Evan’s Town was almost unrecognizable as if the winds of time had swept a century of life out of it in only the last few years. Venturing toward the coast of they encounted the fishing camp of the Aldercain.

Attacked by giant crabs at the ruins of the Manor House of The Clan Drennoon which was buried in sand.

Climbing The Lighthouse they were attacked by a Kraken and fled down its shaft.

They found Flit in the hands of the foul torturer and where able to rescue him, though The Torturer fled.


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Evan's Town and The Known Lands
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