Yulmalvian "Flit" Flytanius Slyvorlius Toringan Alborian

Elven Mage of [[The Ascension]]




Most call you Slyvorlius. Your human friends of Evan’s Town called you Flit.

You were born in the Lost Lands far to the east. Your parents came to Evan’s Town on the shores of the Inner Sea, north of the Wicker City to learn and teach. It was foretold that chaos was crawling in the dark spaces and help was needed. Your parents answered that call.

During your time in Evan’s Town, you developed very close friends with human adolescents as you watched them grow with incredible speed to a place of maturity very similar to your own:

Grafton: a sensitive to whom you showed many was of the forests and nature.

Caderack: a pure heart and strong arm whom you parents foretold would be weight to the balance of Law, in time.

Delkus: a restless soul of whom your parents were weary. But you felt everyone was underestimating him, despite the shadow marked in his gaze.

Yulmalvian "Flit" Flytanius Slyvorlius Toringan Alborian

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