Evan's Town

To Ques Querax
Following a dark trail

While recovering from the clash with the hounds within the central chamber of Pyramid of Karse, a tense calm transformed into a rush of action as Evufre Waich materialized amongst the party.

Observations travelling to Ques Querax
We're not dead.. yet.

Personal reflections on our travels thus far. By Grafton.

This arm hurts. The pain has me sort of working through the motions of travel without attending to them personally. What is going on? How the hell did we work through the elements of that Pyramid ritual to arrive here, below the Earth?

Well, a few things seem sure. We’re still on our mission to stop the Caul, and may eventually reach our next.. ally, through the UnderDark. The denizens here, the wererats, Drow and dark dwarves are evil. But are they truly and completely Chaotic? We’ll find out I guess. Being neutral it strikes me such beings operate first and foremost on their best interests, and these are comprehensible by anyone willing to learn of them. If we can understand their needs, and avoid getting killed in the process, we can leverage them to complete our mission, or at least better navigate the Underdark.

In other words, we can do business Down Here. We must. This is a whole new realm, and we’re freakin’ babes in it!

Another sure bet: Caderack will be killed Down here if he opens his mouth! He’s a great guy, and Orderly to boot. The less he does the better. The more business we do Down Here, the less easy it will be to keep him quiet and behaved.

Beyond these points.. I don’t know. There’s nothing Green or Brown Down Here. So I have no reference points to begin understanding all this cold stone and dark. How does Life live here, without Sun or breeze? My heart quails at this challenge. My arm hurts.

My arm..


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