Deep Black, The Torturer, Zinthuvianfrowgolvius


Some kind of servant lord of Chaos. He had fooled the elves of old and become a Mage of The Ascension with the name of Zinthuvianfrowgolvius. In time, he was found out to be an imposter but by that time had already planted more than one seed of Black Wood in the Silver Forests of old. When Zinthuvianfrowgolvius was uncloaked, he was called Grimtolvian, “Deep Black” in the human tongue, and was defeated in The Battle of Folsguard Falls.

In the year 348 of the Era of Prosperity, he took Yulmalvian “Flit” Flytanius Slyvorlius Toringan Alborian hostage but was apparently defeated in a cave of The Underdark under Evan’s Town in The Known Lands by the Evan’s Town Clique.



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